Invest in fractionalized Real Estate starting from $50 dollars

Purchase any amount of square feet in rental property and gain income month after month.

Wbuild is the first marketplace for tokenized (fractionalized) Real Estate investments for Latin America.

How it works

1. Create an account

Create an account on Wbuild, validate your identity (KYC) and discover all available investment opportunities.

2. Explore

Browse through the different investment opportunities, evaluate each asset and choose one that suits your profile of investment.

3. Invest

Invest any amount of square feet that you desire. Wbuild will handle all acquisition and management processes.

4. Earn

Earn rental income and profits from your investment. You can reinvest or withdraw your available earnings at any minute.

Tokenized real estate investment

By utilizing blockchain technology we digitize and tokenize (fractionalize) real estate investments into shares that represent a certain amount of square feet of the underlying asset. These square feet can then be purchased at price as low as $50 dollars thus becoming the owner of a fraction of the asset. 

Wbuild offers a new approach to real estate investing which is accessible to all and easy to sell, simplifying the investment process. Now anyone can create their own diversified and global real estate portfolio.

Real estate tokenization allows to reduce costs, eliminate intermediaries and increase transparency in each investment.


Benefits of investing in Wbuild


Real estate investments available for everyone. Now anyone will have the possibility to invest as low as $50 dollars for a fraction of a property. You no longer will have to apply to a mortgage or a bank loan to invest in real estate.

100% Online

You no longer will have to fill endless legal paperwork or have to go to a bank in order to own real estate. With a few clicks you will be able to invest from anywhere in the world and build your own real estate portfolio 100% online.

Forget the middlemen

Thanks to blockchain technology you will be able to save money by cutting intermediary fees (property registries, notaries, real estate agents, lawyers, etc) by investing in a direct and efficient manner.

Global opportunities

Wbuild is a global marketplace with no geographical boundaries. As such you will be able to invest in real estate assets from all over the world just with the click of a button.

Security and transparency

By using blockchain technology your real estate investments will be registered in an immutable and traceable ledger. This will grant you the peace of mind that your investments will be safe and legally valid.


Buy and sell at any moment. You will not have to wait until the real estate development is finished or the property asset is sold. If you need the money you will be able to liquidate your investment instantly and get your money back.

Type of assets in which to invest

Rental properties

Real estate developments

Conservation projects

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