Press Release – June 30, 2022

Wbuild to launch its marketplace for tokenized real estate investments where anyone can invest from $50.

Through a collaborating and co-investing blockchain based platform, Wbuild aims to give anyone access to the best real estate investment opportunities worldwide while encouraging sustainable investing. Their first offering is going live in August.

Access to All

Real estate is considered to be the most important store of wealth in the world and yet, very few people get access to it. High ticket prices, restrictions to mortgage loans and illiquidity are amongst the difficulties that limit real estate investing. With applied blockchain technology, Wbuild offers fractionalized real estate investing, allowing anyone to partially own investments, therefore receiving their fair share of rent or dividends.


Studies show that real estate accounts for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. Wbuild’s offering will use sustainability metrics as guidelines for investors to choose between them, amongst various plans to encourage building sustainable real estate.

Real Estate Meets Blockchain

Wbuild brings real estate assets directly into the blockchain through asset tokenization, making investing more accessible, transparent, cost efficient and liquid. The goal is to allow users to invest both in property and developments including asset classes in residential, commercial, industrial, conservation and hospitality. With this technology, anyone can partially invest in real estate developing their own portfolios of global assets.

August Rush

Their next milestone: launching their first offering in late August. You can subscribe to the waiting list on their website and get access to their upcoming investment opportunities.


To find out more about Wbuild, visit the official website https://www.wbuild.io/
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30 june, 2022

About Wbuild

Wbuild is a company founded by 18 co-founders who gathered around the dream of democratizing real estate investments along with contributing to the transformation the real estate industry into a more sustainable one and its emerging as one of most promising proptechs in the Latin American region.

The future of real estate is not about I build, you build or they build, it’s about Wbuild.

Media contact:
Isidora Valdés
CCO- Chief Community Officer 
[email protected]

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